Decades of experiance and recomendations:

What do customers and colleges have to say about Robert Ciavarra

"worked hard and made sacrifices for the good of the group; although he is, at the same time a decent and devoted fammily man" PC

"when he verbally commits to any issue I can trust that the project will be completed as agreed" CA

"he is proficient in all areas of construction, management, and budget controls in any real estate environment" LT

"I can also vouch for him as a person of high moral and ethical character... and I value his advise and council" RD

"It is a pleasure to work with you, again. You are one of the best Broker/Agents I have dealt with... " SH

"just wanted to thank you for the oustanding job you did for us.... You listen to us and put a package together that meets our present and future space requirement" PL 

"I'd like to express our appreciation for the professional services you provided .... We were impressed wih your understanding of the real estate market. The company is delighted... JH

"in all aspects and dealings with Robert we were impressed by his professionalism, proactive approach, integrety, knowledge of real estate transactions, property management, real estate tax abatemment, and representing the best financial and overall interest .... JTL

Over thirty years in the industry

Babson Graduate BS In Marketing

Past Unristricted GC

Past Certified Real Estate Apprasior

Managed, leased, sold, and owned Millions of Sq ft or Real Estata