Funniest Post Ever

A funny story

          I post this story for you with the hopes it makes you smile/ Four days ago, Christine told me to get a haircut. She also suggested I have some gray camouflage done, slight coloring maybe 60% coverage. Goal is a salt and pepper, distinguished look. I was a heavier, greyer, version of Jack Nicholson from the Shining so anything would be an improvement. I have a few resumes out and this will give me that youthful edge.

          I entered Cost Cutters at approx. 10:00 am. There was no wait so I got seated right away. The cut went well; no blood drawn is my standard for a successful haircut. So now off to the sink. Twenty minutes later my 1st version is revealed, I look like Friar Tuck. A dark ring around the top of my head surrounded by the same grey band I had when I walked in. The very nice girl calls over a manager and promptly mixes up a 2nd batch. After the second attempt. Two managers come over. There are lots of shaking of heads and perplexed looks. This time they don’t offer me a look. They return with a third batch. Twenty minutes later they come back and the manager leaves to call two other locations and talk to the managers. I am feeling very special now as it is approx. 11:15 am and there are 5 to 7 people waiting for a chair. I have occupied 4 locations on and off for over an hour and had three different hairdressers working on me for the entire time. In the back room I am hearing the conversations between managers “never seen anything like this before” and once in a while U hear the color purple mentioned.

          I have not seen any of the last two versions as my glasses have been on the counter and I have only been in a chair where the sinks are. They return and tell me the color is off and there is a two inch white streak down the back of my head which simply will not take dye. Yes, I see it, a white strip, diagonal approx. 5 inches long and the rest has total coverage, not a grey hair in site and not really any type of natural color that I have ever seen. The new solution is to draw as much color back out. “A clean pallet is what is needed.” So a fourth treatment which includes a plastic cap and the suggestion that ten minutes under the dryer would really draw it out and make a difference. Forty-five minutes later of sweating in the chair and having them wipe me down because the new dye is running down my forehead, cheeks, and neck the entire time. Another wash out and more perplexed looks and the final solution is to get back into a chair and cut it all off with aggressive use of a #2 bladed electric clipper.

          The manager buzzes me removing as much hair as possible and gives me a shampoo mixture they have made up special for me. She suggests I wash my hair every day with the shampoo and get some sun. No charge for the day, my next dye job is also free, no charge for the shampoo either. At 1245pm I exit the building trying to remember where I put that baseball cap that I am very fond of. This will surely give me that extra confidence I need in any upcoming interviews.